Spring 2022 Course

Chikahoki Falls, New Jersey, 2020

Victoria Beach, California, 2022

Cascade Canyon, Wyoming, 2017

Want to learn how to take gorgeous photos of landscapes, waterfalls, night skies, and more? Looking to learn about documenting your travels, so you're left with timeless keepsakes and photographs that truly tell your story? You're invited to attend the Wild Wander Travel Intro to Travel Photography Course!

Spring 2022 Dates: 40-minute class x 4 weeks

Mondays - 7 p.m. EST - May 2, May 9, May 16, May 23

Tuesdays - 8:30 p.m. EST - May 31, June 7, June 14, June 21

Webinar Participants use code OG2022 for $25 off

Attendees will be provided access to at-cost printing from a professional print lab during the duration of the course, as well as an ongoing 15% off any gear rentals from Lensrentals.com.

Below, find a brief outline of the Intro to Travel Photography Course:

Day 1 - Travel Photography 101

  • Choosing gear, pros and cons of popular systems, familiarizing students with their gear

  • Exposure Triangle Explanation - Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO

  • Rules of Composition

  • iPhonography tips

  • Editing overview - Lightroom, Luminar, Free Editing Programs

  • Tailored assignments for the week to each photographer

Day 2 - Contact Sheet Review + Editing Basics

  • Review submitted photos and discuss skills displayed, settings, strengths, weaknesses

  • Tricky lighting situations encountered in travel, and how to handle them

  • Overview of travel-specific photography problems and solutions

  • Review basic editing techniques in Lightroom or other software, depending on student needs

Day 3 - Advanced Composition Techniques + Printing

  • Review assignments from previous week

  • Selecting print mediums - metal, canvas, paper, introduction to selling prints online and in person

  • Discuss advanced elements of composition - waterfalls, alpenglow, sunrises, sunsets, etc - tailored to the group

  • Discuss advanced camera and gear settings (use of filters, flash, other enhancements)

Day 4 - Contact Sheet Review + Advanced Editing

  • Review previous weeks work and discuss settings, skills displayed, and how to improve, with a focus on moving into storytelling techniques

  • Review advanced editing techniques with Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Final Q&A and discussion